Take a seat and let you drive !

We take care of all aspects of the Tourmanagement for our own artist roster but we also cooperate with other agencies and artists.  And if you just need a shuttle service, we take care of it. As we are based in Brussels, we are close to the airport as a central hub in Europe and straight in the capital.

We worked – amongst others with Fragan, Contre Jour, Scènégal Ethic, Festival Brosella.
Following artists have tested the seats …. Sayon Bamba, Dobet Gnahoré, Driss El Maloumi, Hot Spoons, Marema and some others.


If you are interested in contacting us for Tour Management, please fill in the form below with the Subject: TOUR MANAGEMENT ENQUIRY, providing us with the following initial details:

  • Name of Artist and relevant marketing URL links: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube
  • Whether the artist has travelled into the Northern France, Belgium, Netherlands and German region previously
  • Whether the artist has toured internationally before
  • What size of show/s the artist anticipates for cities in Europe
  • The size the entourage (including artist) and delegation of each member (manager, guitarist, etc)
  • Rough timeframe for travel, and maximum time available to spend abroad
  • Best contact name, email, phone (with country code), and skype details


We look forward to hearing from you!


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