Expert arranging sets this recording apart from many contemporary recordings of Mande music…[Prince Diabate]reveals his broad experience and modernity with subtlety and cool. Djerelon establishes him as an important player in the growing wave of West African acoustic pop.

Banning Eyre, Afropop Worldwide, July 2006

Un album ambitieux, enregistré à Conakry avec une vingtaine de musiciens : des cordes raffinées, des tambours et du balafon qui nous parlent pour vrai, des flûtes subtiles ou déchirantes. Un disque fluide.

Yves Bernard, Le Devoir, Montreal, Canada, July 2006

Like much of the best West African music, Djerelon is upbeat, but with a blue-toned soul, as minor-keyed phrasings snake their way through the predominantly happy melodies.

Michael Keefe, Pop Matters, Aug 21, 2006

Beautiful, modernized and multilayered African Mandingo griot pop…if you enjoy gorgeous, melody-driven African pop, you’ll want to check this album out!

Slipcue E-Zine, June, 2006

Using a mix of traditional songs and original compositions, Diabaté neatly keeps a foot in both the traditional and modern camps, making for a satisfying showcase of contemporary West African roots music.

Folk Roots Magazine, UK, Dec, 2006