Erlendis takes you on a journey to the Nordic countries. Let yourself be lulled by these 4 bards and begin your journey of initiation!

Meaning “abroad” in Icelandic, Erlendis explores the sounds of traditional and contemporary Nordic folk melodies. Songs, vocal harmonies, Nordic stories, shamanic percussion, wild accordion and crystalline guitar will take you on a journey from Viking mythology to traditional music from Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

In 2019, Luna Limage, passionate about sounds from elsewhere, decided to create a Nordic music project. She found in Julien Lamquet the perfect companion for this adventure because of their common musical tastes. After working together on a few songs, Luna invited Thibaut Dervaux to play the accordion on one of the songs. The Erlendis Trio “abroad” in Icelandic (Belgians playing Nordic music) was born!
The three of them played together for more than a year, at first in an intimate formation. But the desire to make the audience move, to make their music more rhythmic encouraged them to find a percussionist. In 2021 Emile with his frenzied percussion completed the team.

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