XAMANEK is above all a family affair…

A musical family that the winds of fortune and a dark part of Chile’s history have led to put down their roots in Belgium, and more particularly in Liege. Two brothers (Sergio and Luis) and a sister (Victoria) who have found in music a resilience to their life courses.

A new journey with stops between invigorating rythms and sweet melodies, between texts suggesting awareness and a declaration of love to life.

Led by the 2 Pincheira brothers, XAMANEK make their first appearance on the Liege music scene at the beginning of the years 2000 and directly appeal to the public for the fun they have in playing and their obvious desire to share it.

They then take the audience into a rock fusion trip subdued with funk latino accents. Their lyrics waver between respect for nature and human values, already showing a strong will to denounce the abuses and injustices of our societies, to the sound of a festive and boosting music. After touring many European countries for 10 years, XAMANEK produce their 1st album «Ke Pasa» (April 2006), which is an immediate success among their audience.

After collaborating with musicians from various horizons and Line Ups, the band finally turns up with its ideal formula in 2010. That same year, the 2 brothers are joined by their sister Victoria who introduces the female touch that so perfectly completes the singing trio. The meeting and sharing of these multi-talented musicians will give birth to the second and much expected album of the band, “SOMOS MUNDOS» (2012).

A new repertoire, mostly in Spanish, even more deeply rooted in the heart of Latino rhythms (such as Cumbia, Merengue or more asserted Andean tones), always with this reggae background that has never left them. A colorful album displaying its strength in a spicy mixture, without concessions… “SOMOS MUNDOS” brings Xamanek its international dimension, which has been growing ever since (Quebec, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, etc…).

2014 is a new turning point in the history of the group, with their journey into the heart of their native country, Chile… While invited to the European Jazz Festival in Santiago de Chile, they take the opportunity to go on a small tour and find the time to record their new album “Y SE FUE LA BOLITA”. The album has been released during spring 2016. This new album is co-produced by one of the biggest independent labels of Chile, LA MAKINITA. They are lucky enough for the best of arrangers, singers and musicians of the Chilean capital to take part in this album (Joe Vasconcellos, Juanafe, Banda Conmocion, Mano Ajena and many others…) A new journey with stops between invigorating rythms and sweet melodies, between texts suggesting awareness and a declaration of love to life.

This new album marks not only the return through the front door of the Xamanek band into the musical Chilean landscape, but also the confirmation of that humanist and festive band’s work.

Xamanek goes even further down the path that has always been theirs : standing up for the mix of musical styles and the authenticity of their approach and of their universal message…