ALIF is a hybrid musical project at the intersection of three major inspirations: INDIA / NORTH AFRICA / WEST AFRICA. The band relies on the cultural heritage of each of its artists to build a new mixed and contemporary repertoire.

ALIF is the first letter of the Arabic alphabet. The calligraphers use the ALIF letter, as a base to write the twenty-seven other letters. Music to escape, music to trance, ALIF is a musical calligraphy. This is a real collective creation, each musician of ALIF participates in the writing of the songs. The artists merge their rhythmic, vocal and melodic skills.

The four voices draw typed lines of melody, that interact to make us travel from one continent to another. Traditional and contemporary instruments of ALIF create a new music. The ALIF musicians play : the Gumbri the Mandol Algerian lute, the guitar, the Kamele Ngoni, Harmonium and drum set.